There are many ways you can help the Mission of the ELECTRIC MOON Foundation. We are currently offering EMF After School Music Programs to schools and organizations in need. Your generous donation can help offset the cost of our Music Programs, the purchase of instruments, art supplies, live performances with our Instructors and so much more! We are always looking for volunteers to help spread the word through social media, assist at events, and work with the bands and performers. Just email us at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!

⚡ $25 can provide learning materials to get a student started on the path to Music.

⚡$100 can offset the cost of one music lesson.

⚡$250 can pay for one session in a classroom setting.

⚡$380 can scholarship one child for an entire month of on-line classes.

⚡$750 can provide studio time for a student to release their very first song.

⚡$900 can bring the ELECTRIC MOON Band to a school to help inspire the next generation of Musicians.

⚡$1,000 can put instruments in the hands of 3 young innovators.

⚡Add any amount to go towards musical education for kids.

Electric Moon Foundation is a 501(c) tax exempt organization
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