The ELECTRIC MOON Foundation is the 501(c)3 philanthropic arm of ELECTRIC MOON, a socially conscious Music & Art organization in Los Angeles. We are passionate and dedicated to sharing the healing powers of Music & Art and ensuring that it is accessible to everyone. Our primary work will consist of providing music education, instruments, scholarships, low-cost classes, mentoring, anti-bullying programs, performances, and trauma-related therapies using the arts as a form of healing.


Music & the Arts are a universal language that we all can understand and benefit from. Here at ELECTRIC MOON we are passionate about ensuring that all receive the Gift of Music & the Arts. Now more than ever the benefits of Music & Art are needed, and now more than ever we see music programs being discontinued or underfunded. Here at the ELECTRIC MOON we know the healing powers of Music & Art and we want to ensure that all those seeking the Gift of Music have access to it.